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About Us provides news, information and analysis about the policy aspects of the full scope of the U.S. space program -- civil (NASA, NOAA, FAA/OCST, and other civil agencies), military (DOD and the intelligence community), and commercial -- as well as international space activities and space law.  Many excellent websites already exist about NASA's space activities, but the space program is much more than NASA.

Marcia S. Smith is the founder and editor of She has almost four decades of experience in space policy, including 31 years at the Congressional Research Service on Capitol Hill (1975-2006), and three at the National Research Council's Space Studies Board and Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board (2006-2009). She is the North American Editor of the journal Space Po icy, and is a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and the American Astronautical Society (AAS). Here are links to a one-page biography and a complete list of publications since 1973.

Laura M. Delgado López joined as a correspondent in September 2009.  In May 2011, Ms. Delgado completed an M.A. in International Science and Technology Policy from the George Washington University's Space Policy Institute, where she was a 2009 Harry S. Truman Scholar and a Northrop Grumman Fellow.  In January 2014, she joined the staff of the Secure World Foundation in its Washington, D.C. office.   From May 2011-December 2013, Ms. Delgado was the Earth Observations Associate at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies in Arlington, VA.  She also held a position as a researcher with Project Ploughshares's Space Security Index 2011 and in 2010 interned at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (Space Initiatives division). Ms. Delgado's previous experiences include positions at the Space Studies Board of the National Academies, at the NAIC-Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, and in the Office of then-Congressman Luis Fortuño (now governor of Puerto Rico). Ms. Delgado graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Puerto Rico. Her research interests include international relations theory as applied to space policy, Earth observations, space developments in Latin America and space security.  A list of her publications is available here.

Gabriele Betancourt-Martinez was a correspondent in 2013-14.   She was a PhD student studying astrophysics at the University of Maryland, College Park doing research at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. Before starting graduate school, she was a Lloyd V. Berkner Space Policy Intern with the Space Studies Board of the National Academies, and a consultant for the European Science Foundation, European Space Sciences Committee in Strasbourg, France. She has a B.S. in Astronomy and Physics from Yale University.

Len Ly was a correspondent from June - August 2014 as a summer intern.  She is an alumna of the University of La Verne with a degree in communications (with an emphasis on journalism) and of the University of Southern California (USC) Graduate School of Journalism.  She is currently pursuing a degree in astronomy at USC.   She was a reporter for USC's online, around-the-clock, student-run news source Neon Tommy, sponsored by the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, where she covered the space beat.

Raymon Furth was a correspondent from September-December 2013 while serving in an internship position in Washington, D.C. supporting the Assistant Vice President of Research and Federal Relations with the University of Colorado Office of Government Relations (at the time he was pursuing an astrophysics degree at the university's Boulder campus).   He previously was a research assistant at CU-Boulder’s Center of Astrophysics and Space Astronomy and an undergraduate teaching assistant in the Department of Astrophysics and Planetary Science.  His poster session on Studies in Stellar Spectroscopy Using the Sommers-Bausch Observatory 24” Telescope was presented at the American Physical Society’s regional meeting in Socorro, NM in October 2012.